Boomer Social


  Tony David and Wildefire will present their "Legends of Las Vegas" show

featuring dance music of Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis,

Tony Bennett and Garth Brooks this

Saturday October 20

at the unique Lake House at Pelican Bay in Cherry Creek State Park.  

Dress the part.  Showgirls and flashy dressers welcome!

   Enjoy and dance to the famous and familiar songs of the great entertainers of "classic" Las Vegas.   Of course, we will have our regular line dances and cowboy cha-chas plus requests.

Doors open at 7:30, music and line dances start at 8. The $15 admission includes your first glass of wine, beer or mixed drink.

Enter at the West entrance to Cherry Creek State Park near the Dam Road. The entrance booth will be not be manned Saturday night.  Do not pay the self-service fee of $9. We get a special rate for our guests without an Annual Pass that can be paid at the bar.

  Lots of free parking just outside The Lake House.  Follow the curving road past the entry station and down to the large lighted sign on the left.  Drive toward the lights of the marina. Do not trust your GPS to reach this location or you may end up at Cherry Creek High School.