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Can you imagine sending your child to a school where one pencil is shared with 6 other children? In the country of Belize, this is a reality.

Students there lack basic school supplies, such as pencils, glue, scissors, erasers, markers and crayons. A standard pack of 8 crayons cost $2 in Belize. A father doesn’t make much more than that in a day. If the children are ever to use these art materials, they must be available in the classrooms.

The Ministry of Education and Sports allocates only one hour a week for the arts. Children need to be given the opportunity for their creativity to be released, and that’s exactly what art does.

I am teaching an art workshops to the faculty of 2 schools in Cayo to give them much needed training and art experience. Most teachers in Belize have not taken any hands-on art courses themselves and simply cannot teach art without that background.

The purchase and shipment of art supplies are extremely expensive. Your help is greatly appreciated by all the teachers and children of the Cayo District of Belize.

- Wendy Pfaffhausen

                   CO State Teaching License: Art

                   CO State Teaching License:  Elem Ed


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