Last week's "All Request Night" where you--the audience selected the music you wanted to hear for dancing-- was a great success.  So much so that we had more than 20 written requests left over by the end of the night.  The crowd demanded more.  The restaurant demanded we leave.

 "All the hits all night"  The Sequel.

   So this Saturday at Heather Ridge Golf Clubhouse--with the big dance floor--we will continue the "All Requests" format...where Tony and Kerry sing the "left overs" from last week.  Plus new requests!

Come casual and dance to music you like.

Doors open at 7:30, music and line dances start at 8. The $15 admission includes your first glass of wine, beer or mixed drink. Good food is available in the sports bar next door.

  Lots of free lighted parking just outside Heather Ridge Golf Clubhouse on East Iliff, two blocks west of I-225.  Look for this lighted sign and unique building.