Boomer Social Review by John


Sunset Beach Party at Cherry Creek Marina

Every Wednesday and Thursday Night during the summer

at 6 pm


     My friend Erik Dyce, formerly with Red Rocks, offers a Beach Party with live music from well-known bands on the beach at Cherry Creek State Park Marina every Wednesday and Thursday night from 6-10.

     (I was there last night and for two other beach parties in June. Attractive crowd and music we know.)

    The Band is on the Sand

    Seating and tables are in the sand, under the deck, on the balcony and even inside the bar. Your choice.  Bring your own folding chairs to be in the sand with your toes in the water or right in front of the dance beach.  There is also a cash buffet.


The Lake House at Cherry Creek Marina


    Admission is $10 and includes your first drink.

But, it does cost $9 per car to get into this Colorado State Park, if you don’t have an annual pass.

 (However, if you buy your ticket online at www.TheLakehouseAtCherry Creek.com the added entry fee is only $3.)  

   Or meet your friends and park at Cherry Creek High School near 4800 S. Dayton, just outside the west entrance and carpool in for $9 total. Also bike or walk into the state park free.

   "You could buy an annual statewide senior pass like I did."

It is like a Yacht Club setting!

Sailboat Races on Wednesday Nights.