Blues Dance Lessons at the Mercury Cafe

The Mercury Cafe is at 2199 California Street (just north of downtown).   

Smoke Free environment

Click here to connect to their web site: http://www.mercurycafe.com

At their website they have a calendar, map, etc.

 Come check out Tuesday Night Blues at the Mercury Cafe!!

This GREAT venue offers a large dance floor, bar, and full restaurant!! Every Tuesday night a group of amazing people get together to BLUES DANCE!!! Come and see what all the excitement is about!


Intermediate Progressive at 7pm $5

Beginner Lesson at 7: 45pm $5

Dance at 8:30pm $5

LIVE MUSIC every 1st Tuesday of the Month

Birthday Dances every 3rd Tuesday of the Month

DJ BATTLE every 4th Tuesday of the Month

Great dancing EVERY WEEK!!!