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* * * Note from Ron. This is a high rise office building that is rather difficult to find. Allow a few extra minutes to locate it or call for exact directions. (The building numbers on this section of Parker Road are not in ordinary sequence.)

 Announcing our next two singles trips to Cabo Mexico and Ireland!

Info Meeting for our next singles trips with Singles Love Travel!

For all singles of all ages who are interested in joining us on our next singles trips to Cabo Mexico in November 2017 and/or Ireland in March 2018!

Date: Sat, May 20th

Time: 11am - Noon

Where: RED CARPET WORLD TRAVEL 3025 S Parker Suite 735 , Tower 2, Aurora, CO 80014 (this is their new office location!!!!)

21 of us just got back from Jamaica! We had a wonderful time! Can't wait to go to Cabo Mexico in November 2017 and Ireland in March 2018!

See you at the info meeting on Sat., May 20th at 11am! All singles of all ages are welcome!

Thanks, Dianna




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