Conversations about Romance

Small Discussion Groups of 3-4 People

25 RSVP’s so Far

Little Things We Do To Attract Healthy People

(Or Drive Them Away)

The sounds, tones and speed of romantic interactions.

Important topics to talk about

Preparing your mind to meet someone

Handout: Ron’s list of 117 conversation starters that help develop a romantic relationship

Ronald W. Tallman, M.Th.

PTSD Specialist  -   Self Confidence Master  -   Hypnosis and Relationship Expert 

 Registered Psychotherapist  

Wednesday May 25, 2016   7 to 9 p.m.

. Bank of the West Building

7995 E. Hampden at S. Tamarac in Southeast Denver (Next to Target)

$10 per person cash or check


1) More information about Ron at denvercounselor.com

2) Please arrive by 6:50 p.m. so you can meet others and we can start on time

3) This is workshop is NOT an advertising session for an expensive seminar to come.

4) These workshops are intended for people seeking long term, romantic, committed relationships.

Please register for this event by doing ONE  of the following

A) Go to meetup.com/Communication-Workshops and RSVP

B) Email your registration to ron@denvercounselor.com     

C) Call Ron at 303-369-8877